Christmas Flower Cupcakes

December 16th, 2013 | Posted by Louisa Russell in Uncategorized

Festive cupcakes using a Petunia Mould

How to make a Poinsettia flower


Roll out the icing.

Using the Petunia cutter, cut out two flowers.


 Carefully remove the excess icing from the two flowers.


Place the flower onto the Mould and line up the petals.


Press the Mould firmly to add detail and veining to your flower.


 Gently lift the flower using a brush.


 Using a brush, dust your flowers with  Edible Festive Red Colour.


 In the centre of the bottom flower, place a small amount of Edible Glue.

Rotate the second flower so that the petals are not aligned.


 Using a fine paint brush, detail the flower with Edible Gold Shimmer,

 Add water or alcohol to the shimmer to paint fine details.


 Glue a gold pearl in the centre of the flower.


Dip your cupcake into melted chocolate and sprinkle with Emerald Edible Glitter.

Place your decorated flower onto your cupcake.


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