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February 14th, 2013 | Posted by Louisa Russell in Uncategorized



Display stand for edible shimmer dusts

Showcase your shimmer dust collection with our NEW acrylic stand

  • Each tray is 8 colours wide and 10 colours deep.
  • Purchase a set of 80 shimmer dusts and get the tray FREE!*
  • Shimmer Dusts start from £1.37 per pot**
Layer 1 Base Unit
Pearl white, Cream, Sunshine Yellow, Peach, Orange, Pink Blush, Very Berry, Leaf Green
Layer 2
Eucalyptus, Sky Blue, Cosmic Purple, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iridescent Gold, Iridescent Lilac
Layer 3
Snowflake, Primrose, Lemon Pie, Peachy Passion, Tangerine, Baby Pink, Festive Red, Vino Red
Layer 4
Heather, Zesty Lime, Ivy Green, Olive, Pale Blue, Autumn Brown, Cocoa, Jet Black

*Shimmers need to be bought in the sets outlined above in order to qualify for a free tray.
**Lowest price applies when purchasing 10 or more of the same colour.


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