Valentine Tuxedo

January 31st, 2014 | Posted by Louisa Russell in Uncategorized

Valentine Cookie

How to decorate a Tuxedo Cookie


Roll-Out-White-Icing    Roll your icing out 2.5 mm thick.

Press-Babysuit-Cutter-Into-Icing    For the Tuxedo we used a Baby Bodysuit Cookie Cutter. Press firmly and cut out two Baby Bodysuits.

Place-Icing-on-Cookie    Place one of the Baby Bodysuits onto the cookie.

Cut-Icing-For-Black-Waistcoat    On the second Bodysuit cut out the middle section using a crafting tool.

Paint-Tuxedo-With-Jet-Black-Edible-Colour    Brush on Jet Black Edible Colour onto the icing, we used a dry brush.

Glue-Tuxedo-To-Cookie    Using Edible Glue and a brush, place the two halves of the Tuxedo onto the icing.

Paint-Buttons-&-Colar    With a steady hand paint on the buttons and the collar, we added some water to the  Jet Black edible colour.

Roll-Red-Ball-Icing-For-Rose-Mould    Roll a small piece of icing into a ball.

Push-Red-Ball-Icing-Into-Rose-Mould    Push the ball of icing into the centre of the smallest rose, we used our Rose Mould for this.

Flex-Red-Rose-Out-Of-Mould    Gently Flex out the rose.

Glue-Red-Rose-Onto-Tuxedo    Use a small amount of Edible Glue to stick your rose onto the Tuxedo.

Final-Picture-Of-Tuxedo-Cookie    Making the Hankercheif we carefully gathered a small piece of white icing

    and place a thin strip underneath it.

Tuxedo-Dress-&-Heart    Happy Valentine’s Day, hope you enjoyed our cookie tutorials.

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