Whimsical Cake

January 11th, 2012 | Posted by Louisa Russell in Uncategorized

Perfect for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Whimsical Cake

If you’re planning a party this year why not create this simple yet spectacular cake which will be sure to stand out.
How to create your own Whimsical Cake:

1. Completely ice the cake using white sugar paste or ready to roll icing.

2. To re-create the bold asymmetric lines I used our range of edible shimmer dusts mixed with vodka to make a vibrant paint. Alcohol is ideal for making paint as it will evaporate faster than other liquids such as water. You can use water but the sugar may start to disolve if you paint the same area too many times.

3. The balls were handrolled and dusted with the dry gold, bronze and silver edible shimmer dusts.

4. Finally, use our range of cutter and mould utensils to create a stunning cascade of flowers and butterflies down the side of the cake.

Top Tip:
Give the colours a second coat to really make them POP!

Whimsical Cake

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